Thank you for such a beautiful repair to our Danish cane magazine shelf. Beautifully matched cane and stained to blend in, a joy to watch such craftsmanship in action. Thank you Brigitte! Perfect.

Brigitte’s craftsmanship is outstanding. She used Ilminster rushes that she harvested herself to restore my chair. She also reglued it. Brigitte is very busy, and my chair was gone for quite some time, but it has returned looking superb. Cane Corner

Brigitte recaned our Danish rocking chair with great attention to detail and care to replicate the original weave. She also arranged to return the chair locally for a small fee when it was finished. Great craftmanship and an affordable price. Thank you. Great craftsmanship

I did not think it would be possible to repair our worn cane chairs but Brigitte worked her magic and they are amazing – good as new. It is a pleasure to see such a skilled and enthusiastic craftsperson’s work. You must be prepared to wait but it is worth it. Amazing repair

A sympathetic restoration of a rush seated Liberty arm chair. It had to be taken to pieces and reglued in the process and now looks lovely. Bridget had our chair in her workshop for a long time , hence not so many stars, but the wait was worth it for the result. Slow but painstaking work

From modern chairs to antique chairs, Cane Corner can restore them all. Call us now on

Superb repair

Excellent service. Brigitte is friendly and very knowledgable. She repaired one of a pair of chairs for us and and you really can’t see the difference between the original and the repaired one. She went above and beyond to do a very professional job
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